Ali Monjack

A visionary in strategic media communications. Seamlessly blending the worlds of press, radio, and television.

About Me

My journey began with a notable NUJ diploma and an Advanced Public Relations Certificate from the London School of Public Relations back in the dynamic 90s. During that time, I shared insights with luminaries from Sainsbury's leadership and the Channel 4 executive.


My true mission transcends mere business endeavors – it's about creating tangible social impact and crafting ESG strategies in partnership with my collaborators. Thanks to my extensive background as an editor and presenter in both television and radio, I am uniquely poised to provide astute advice on message delivery and content curation for mainstream TV/Radio, as well as across diverse marketing channels.

Why I Do What I Do

My dedication extends to the realm of social enterprises and charitable organizations, a driving force behind the inception of 4TheNow Media in 2020 where I started working with Award Winning Social Entrepreneur Nyasha Gwatidzo on her podcast Impactful Billionaires and developing her public profile and Ex Pat Lawyer John Richardson who’s mission it is to stop the Foreign Account Taxation Compliance Act in the US. Notably, I lent my skills to the strategic coordination of Savills Reading's office relocation to prime location One Forbury Square. This journey entailed orchestrating internal and external communications, collaborating with Savills KKS, Estilo, and local networks, effectively embedding Savills into the very heart of the Reading Community. The culmination was an extraordinary launch event, organized on March 30th, followed by the unveiling of the Reading Cross Sector Paper in May, just before my departure in July.



Mastering the art of impactful communication.

Problem Solving

Crafting solutions that navigate challenges.


Guiding teams towards shared goals with strategic acumen.

Team work

Fostering collaboration for cohesive success.

Conflict Resolution

Skilfully managing disagreements to drive positive outcomes.

I'm not just a communicator; I'm a problem solver, mapping out strategies to communicate, execute, and significantly contribute by fostering communities and enhancing profitability. I also was part of the Kennet Radio steering group that obtained the FM licence for the West Berkshire community. My success story includes masterminding the Savills Reading office move – a process meticulously planned to encompass communications, marketing, and an unforgettable launch event. My approach began with fostering internal unity through events, charitable initiatives, and regular office exchanges, thereby nurturing an environment where team members felt comfortable expressing themselves.

My Expertise

A cornerstone of my expertise is in media training, guiding individuals to authentically deliver their messages via cameras and social platforms. My mantra: communication should emanate from the heart, leading to genuine connections.

My Endeavours and Passions

Beyond the realm of media communications, I'm a maestro at crafting unforgettable events, assembling guest lists with high-net-worth connectors, and sourcing super prime properties for discerning individuals. My expertise extends to fund connections and community engagement.

My endeavours span beyond traditional press and social media realms; I focus on fostering genuine connections, which ultimately translate to authentic relationships with the public. That is why I started my podcast Tea Time with Ali Monjack during the pandemic where I could chat to people over zoom and learn about their stories and what they were doing to make a difference and connect globally.

My three core passions that drive me are ESG, Mental Health, and my meaningful charitable efforts with the Vana Trust. It's my privilege to bring these facets together to craft a holistic approach that resonates with the heart of every project.

Welcome to the realm of impactful media communications, where the power to connect, influence, and inspire knows no bounds.

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